Hospitality Leadership Academy (HLA)

What is Hospitality Leadership Academy (HLA)?

Students in the HLA will participate in an accelerated sequencing that will lead to the completion of either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration. Participants who follow the HLA curriculum can complete either bachelor degree in three to four years after high school. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for a professional career in the hospitality industry. The HLA is a partnership between Missouri State University, Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield Hotel Lodging Association, Springfield/Branson Chapter of the Missouri Restaurant Association, and select southwest Missouri High Schools (Bolivar, Republic and Springfield Public High School.) 

Where is HLA?        

Students begin taking dual credit classes in high school, go to OTC to complete AA or AAS in hospitality management, and then complete a BS or BAS degree in hospitality and restaurant administration at Missouri State University.. Strong academic and industry partnerships are in place which will allow HLA participants to secure practical work and internship experiences throughout the duration of the program. 

 What are the requirements for HLA?

1) Students will enter the HLA by enrolling in Missouri State University’s hospitality dual credit course(s) their junior and/or senior year, 2) successful transfer to OTC, 3) completion of an AA or AAS degree in hospitality management at OTC, 4) successful transfer to Missouri State University, and 5) completion of BS or BAS degree in hospitality and restaurant administration at Missouri State University.

 Who is eligible to apply for HLA?

Students who are planning to pursue a career and bachelor’s degree in hospitality. Southwest Missouri is poised to be a leader in preparing future hospitality professionals in our state. The region supports a vibrant hospitality and tourism industry. Businesses in this segment are continually looking to employ quality individuals in their establishments. HLA participants will also benefit from a well-established, quality curriculum. Missouri State University has the only hospitality program in the state that is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA). OTC holds exemplary status from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). These accreditations signify each institutions commitment to academic excellence.

 Are there scholarships available?

  • Up to 6 credit hours of Missouri State University dual credit of which 3 credit hours must include our HSP 321 course
  • OTC Year 1: $300 book stipend. (could use A+ funds if eligible)
  • OTC Year 2: $300 book stipend. (could use A+ funds if eligible)
  • Missouri State University Year 3: $1,500 MSU scholarship* and $1,000 HLA scholarship.
  • Missouri State University Year 4: $1,500 MSU scholarship* and $1,000 HLA scholarship.

*3.5 transfer GPA required

 How do I apply?

To apply, complete HLA Application. See your High School FACS Ed Instructor.

 Who do I contact with questions?

Katie Tucker

HLA Coordinator