Student Opportunities

Start building your network

Engage in your major by joining a Hospitality Leadership student organization! These organizations provide students networking opportunities, professional development, community engagement, and leadership opportunities.

Career Fair Guide For Students

Every semester, companies from all over the country send recruiters to meet Missouri State students. These events help you gain professional connections as you learn about internship and career opportunities.

Hospitality Leaders of Tomorrow (HLOT)

In this social and networking association, planned activities bring students together. Past events have included trips to tour restaurants and hotels in St. Louis and Kansas City

Eta Sigma Delta

This international organization is open to HL students who demonstrate superior academic standing and are recommended by department faculty. Each fall, a group of these students attends the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show in New York.

Hospitality Leadership Student Ambassadors

Hospitality Leadership Student Ambassadors is a student organization of highly selected sophomore, juniors, and seniors motivated to represent Missouri State University Department of Hospitality Leadership.