Hospitality Leadership (BS)

Build your skills for an exciting career and specialize in one of the following degree programs

General operations

Seeking a broader focus with lots of options? This degree program provides a comprehensive education.


Love the details that create a welcoming environment? This degree program trains your for a leadership role in hotel operations.

Food and beverage

Ready to dive into a dynamic, fast-paced environment? This degree program puts you on the path to a career in the food and beverage industry.


Enjoy travel and marketing? This degree program prepares you for a career in developing and promoting vacation destinations.

Club management

Enjoy building relationships in an upscale setting? This degree program prepares you for a career in private club administration.

Senior living management

Want to direct a fun community for active seniors? This degree program develops the skills you need to manage a retirement facility.


Complete your Bachelor of Science in hospitality leadership entirely online.